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Activist museum award

In 2019 Museum as Muck were the recipients of the first Activist Museum Award. We were delighted to share it with Climate Museum UK and the International Slavery Museum. The award, given by the Research Centre for Museums and Galleries, in the School of Museum Studies at the University of Leicester, celebrates and fosters activist thinking and practice in the UK museum community. 

Museum as Muck were awarded £1000 for a project to bring together working class activists from across the culture sector. We saw the wave of working class voices making themselves heard, and creating work for and about themselves, in theatre, publishing, and the arts, and wanted to know what working class museum people could learn from working with them. 

We held a consultation with Seleena Laverne Daye, artist and host of the podcast Poor Lass, and Sabrina Mahfouz, writer and performer, to help develop our workshop offer. If your museum is ready to smash culture's class ceiling, contact Museum as Muck about working with your organisation.