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Museums and organisations

What we offer

Sessions can be booked individually or as a series of workshops to help guide your organisation on your equity journey. 


Introduction to class

Online or in person, interactive session, 1 hour

These participatory sessions raise awareness and understanding of class. We will explain class barriers within the museum and heritage sector. The workshop holds space for people to think about class privilege in the workplace and how this creates barriers for working class people. It provides participants with language and tools to talk about class in informed and confident ways.  Attendees will leave with ideas on how to implement policy and cultural change in their organization to better include people from low - socio economic backgrounds

Action planning

Online or in person, interactive session, 1.5 hours

We recommend this as a follow up to our Introduction to class session. Facilitated, structured sessions see us guide you through a process that puts inclusion conversations into action. We work with you and facilitate discussion to identify specific targets, consider power and influence, allocate resources, map out evaluation and embed effective class intervention programmes that will have a lasting legacy in your museum.


HR mentoring

Consultancy, online or in person

MaM will mentor and act as critical friends to influence recruitment and retention practices. We can advise on collection of data and monitoring the workforce's class background. We can advise on how and where to market roles, recommend pipelines of recruitment for different sites, consult on removing barriers in the recruitment process for those from lower socio-economic backgrounds and introduce ideas for cultural change within the organisation. 

Audience and exhibition development

Consultancy, online or in person

We can support you in a variety of ways to engage with and represent working class communities. We can work with you at different stages of exhibition and audience planning. From initial consultation or ideation to reviewing your existing audience development and exhibitions plans. We can provide examples of best practice, highlighting projects and programmes that successfully engage working class communities and use working class collections. This can be tailored to your project or museum.



In person, installation, drop-in

We will set up an engaging, immersive experience in your museum for staff to visit to open up conversations about class. Entering the familiar world of a supermarket, participants explore class-related objects which represent our members’ lived experience and feature testimony about the barriers they have encountered in the sector. They will meet Muckers who will guide them through placing themselves in the class conversation and considering colleagues' experiences with our Jobs Board interactive. They will learn about the barriers facing those from lower socio economic backgrounds and leave with ideas of how to implement change.

Working Class Tea Parties

In person, intervention, 1 hr to 90 mins

Museum as Muck will set up a tea party in your museum. These are engaging in-person, roundtable sessions that allow for relaxed, informal conversation. MaM representatives facilitate discussion where participants can sit and listen, join the table to ask questions or share their own experiences. The tea parties encourage confidence and assurance in talking about class and leave participants with knowledge and understanding of class issues in the sector.

Don’t see what you need here? Contact us about creating a bespoke session to meet your organisation’s needs.